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Halloween Poem- The Man-eater.

Art work by: Gina Maria Manchego

The Man-eater

There’s a tale around these yonder parts,
of a man-eating hell-cat that steals souls and hearts.
The story goes: she walks naked and bold with the demons of the night,
captures weak little men who don’t put up a fight.
This monster lures them with a wink of an eye
Gives them soft kisses till they ain’t scared to die.
Under a spell, they’ll give up their lives,
trade possessions and riches and even their wives!
To love her just once under the waxing moon.
Forgetting that death will meet them soon.
She lulls them to slumber with the back woods voodoo.
When they’re sleeping like babies, she starts preparing the stew.
Won’t you come in for a delicious warm bite,
of weak little men that didn’t put up a fight.

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